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Vertical installation is critical so if in any doubt please let us install your flagpole....

Make sure that there are no potential problems with difficult soil conditions (very sandy, bedrock, concrete obstructions etc.) and that there are no potential hazards caused by the presence of trees, power cables, drains, water or gas mains etc.

Our steel tabernacle needs to be secured in a bed of concrete 1 meter deep.

"Walk the flagpole up" towards the tabernacle and insert the lower bolt*.
*Note with larger/heavier flagpoles it is advisable to pivot the flagpole on the lower bolt.

Attach and raise the flag after the concrete has fully hardened.

For details of maintenance refer to "routine maintenance" under "faqs".

Remember that a large flag places extra strain on any flagpole so it is advisable to lower the flag when wind strengths above Force 5 are anticipated, see "flags" section.